Breastfeeding 101:

Well we can’t provide that but we can give you a breastfeeding class that will give you the information to help you through your breastfeeding journey.  Jennifer will empower you to breastfeed anywhere at anytime.  She will arm you with more information and guidance than you thought possible.  If you have questions about your breastpump then she will be able to answer them too.  If you have babe in arms you are still welcome.  Jennifer will even introduce Camille (have fun with that)!

  • If you are a current or past student of Not Your Momma's Childbirth Class then these classes are just $10 each.

  • If you are not a current or past student then these classes are only $20 each.

*Partners please come to class to show mama support.

All Momma Love Breastfeeding 101 are held at Essentials Natural Family Health (2723 S 87th St)

*Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions at mommalovebirthclass@gmail.com.